Ukraine Diary
wartime poetry and artwork

On February 24, 2022, attacks from a neighboring despot began on a free people and sovereign nation as the world watched in horror. We have learned that the Ukrainian people are brave and resilient—especially in times of war. In solidarity, a number of writers and artists have joined with Springhouse Journal to create this page for the rolling publication of Ukrainian literature—some written years ago, some written in response to the Crimean and separatist crises—in a multitude of voices that are currently writing nonstop to accurately record the events of this aggression. In particular, Maria Galina and Anna Halberstadt have been essential to this project. We start and continue with Ukrainian poets published in 2014 by SPR as well as current voices in support of Ukraine.

We also feature visual art projects as we christen this Ukraine Diary with Vitaly Komar’s “Clap with the Scales” from the Allegories of Justice series, 2014-2022.

To submit Ukrainian writing (we’re working with a group of translators) and/or English translations, or art projects, write Please include a short bio.

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Lilia Levin


Arkadii Dragomoshchenko

translated by Anna Halberstadt


Maria Galina

translated by Anna Halberstadt and Ainsley Morse


Oksana Gadzhiy

translated by Marina Eskin and Ian Ross Singleton


Olga Bragina

translated by Anna Krushelnitskaya


Igor Galynker


Serhiy Zhadan

translated by John Hennessy and Ostap Kin


Yuliya Musakovska

translated by Dmitry Manin, Mariya Gusev, Elena Kakwani, and Elena Mikhailik


Igor Lapinsky

translated from Russian by Alex Cigale


Regina Derieva

translated by J. Kates


Lida Yusupova

translated by Joyce Lim


Boris Khersonsky

translated by Dale Hobson, Ruth Hinkle Kreuze, and Anna Halberstadt


Lyudmila Khersonskaya

translated by Anna Halberstadt


Victor Solodchuk

translated by Anna Halberstadt


Ostap Slyvynsky

translated by Vitaly Chernetsky

We are grateful to Maria Galina, a poet and writer who has for years worked around the world getting to know the voices of contemporary Ukrainian poets, and who inspired this project.

To Anna Halberstadt, poet, writer, translator, who reached out to Ukrainian poets and to translators and editors, to help translate the wartime poems into English, post, and publish them.

To poets and translators and publishers who reached out to others, shared their translations, and offered to work on new ones:

Ostap Kin, Ian Probstein, Gali-Dana Singer, Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Ainsley Morse, Nina Kossman, Anya Krushelnitskaya, Olga Bragina, Victor Solodchuk, Mariya Deikute, Sergei Starkowski, Ina-Ross Singleton, Marina Eskin, Elena Mikhailik, Olha Dolzhenko, Polina Barskova, Boris Khersonsky, Lyudmila Khersonska, Halyna Kruk, Sergei Starkowski, Ostap Slyvynsky, Yuliya Musakovska, R. B. Lemberg, Simon Patlis, Alexander Kabanov, Lida Yusupovo, Daryna Gladun, Dmitri Manin, Ian Ross,and so many others impossible to list (but we will try in coming iterations).

Springhouse Journal stands with peoples of all countries who oppose this war. Special thanks to Marc Jaffee and Kevin Romoser.

“Nazism suffers from unreality, like Erigena's hell. It is uninhabitable; men can only die for it, lie for it, wound and kill for it. No one, in the intimate depths of his being, can wish it to triumph. I shall risk this conjecture: Hitler wants to be defeated. Hitler is blindly collaborating with the inevitable armies that will annihilate him, as the metal vultures and the dragon (which must have known that they were monsters) collaborated, mysteriously, with Hercules.”

Jorge Luis Borges (1944)